Mt. Tunari (5065 metres) as seen from our front gate.

Three beautiful gals. Lauraís shirt says it all: Believe.

Serving God by Serving His Children.

"If you've done it unto the least of these, you've done it unto Me"

LAST UPDATE: October 6, 2016

Changes are coming!After a couple years in The States; Jonathan, Linda and Audrey will be returning to Cochabamba about the First of the year.Ryan, Heather, Carson, Miriam and Titus will be returning to Oregon.

Please pray that we have an extra measure of wisdom, discernment and strength as we facilitate these moves.That both families would re-adjust to the changes in their lives.Thank you for your prayer and financial support.

The past 15 years have flown and the next 15 are coming up fast.Please pray that the Lord would show us His will for the future; specifically how to manage the University students (10 more graduated in the next three years) and that He would continue to change the girls' lives to comply with His heart. Itís imperative we continue to guide and support the girls though these changes.



Bolivian Youth Ministries

PO Box 463

Sweet Home, OR97386


The purpose of Bolivian Youth Ministries is to reach the people of Bolivia, specifically the children, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the bottom line of our ministry by which every other aspect is measured. We focus keenly on the unreachables of Bolivia; that is to say those children who are in high risk categories and are living in situations that will certainly lead to their spiritual and physical death. This includes, but is not limited to, orphans, the abandoned, the mistreated, street children, prison children, etc. These are children that, without direct intervention by an outside force and without the Grace of God presented in their lives, face certain demise.

We will strive to serve God by serving His people, to love God by loving His people. Our goal is to minister to these children, the children that God has placed in our path.

Working in cooperation Bolivian Government, we have established a system to house children whose parent(s) are imprisoned and who have no or inadequate outside resources. These children have been brought to our facilities where care is provided following set and defined guidelines. This provision is understood to be temporary and will continue until the parent is released from the prison system and is economically, mentally and spiritually able to care for their children.

This outreach also includes a program of discipleship to the parents in prison. Working in the San Sebastian Women's Prison, the El Abra Men's Prison and the Quillacollo Men's Prison, we are following a program to minister to the parents. Like our ministry to the children, this ministry will be focused on presenting the Word of God and discipleship; but will also provide for needs in other areas of their lives.

Much more can be said (and is in writing) regarding the system of jails here in Bolivia, what the children are up against and how we strive to reach them. Please spend some time reading about it if you are interested. Meanwhile, PLEASE visit the other areas of this site; especially the "how to pray" site.




What will we teach them next?

(Joy comes from the Lord!)


THANKS! for your visit and your consideration. Stay close to the Lord.


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