Prayer Requests

This page last updated on: March 24, 2008 PLEASE come back often.

We'd like to dedicate this page to Prayer and Praise. The Lord is so good to us, we cannot cease praising Him.

## Please always pray that God would be glorified through this, HIS, ministry. Our heart is that the girls would be touched by God's tremendous love and learn daily lessons of what it means to serve Him.

## Please keep in prayer the financial support base of the work here. During the past year food costs have risen a good 50% and labor costs are sure to follow. During the past 6-8 months our food cost alone has risen by $500/month. We are dependent on the Lord for this additional amount; trusting that He will lay it on the hearts of those who support the work here.

## Please ask the Lord to bring peace and harmony to the workers here. 2007 was a year of changes and struggles at times. We are expecting 2008 to be one of peace and unity.

Ryan and his clan during a goodbye celebration.

Heather in the back with Laura, Leydi, Juanita and Erika.




>> During this past month, God has laid it on our hearts to open a third home. While we were in the prayer stages (and not yet to the planning stages!), God opened the doors to begin construction. We aren't sure what is happening and why this is moving so fast; but we sincerely believe God is in it. Please pray that we will be able to see this through financially. It's a big step and a big outlay.

>> And construction is only part of it. Please pray that the Lord will provide the staff and funds to operate another home. We could feasibly take another 12-15 children; that implies mucho time and mucho bucks. Nothing our God cannot do.

>> As the North American Summer quickly approaches, pray that God will lead those HE desires to come and work here. It's not as though we are overwhelmed with requests, but we want to be wise in the decisions we make.

>> As always, ask God to allow us a glimpse of His love so that we may share it with the children here.


** Please pray for our financial situation. We've had a stressful time this past three months with many extra expenses. We are now taking on 7 additional children for a total of 24. We know the Lord can and will do it; however, we need to continue bringing this to him.

** For continued wisdom by all who work here. The girls come from a variety of difficult backgrounds and we need to know the best way to respond to them.

** We have three graduatings that we really shouldn't miss in May/June. Please ask God to show us how we are going to handle this and, assuming only one of us (Linda or Jonathan) is going, ask that HE provide the finances for the trip. Ryan is graduating from Multnomah Bible College, Kyle from Western Baptist College and Joshua from East Linn Christian Academy.

**Please pray for continued good health. As we get older, we are concerned that 'something' big will occur and we, without health insurance, might be hard pressed to handle that.


** Once again we ask that you would pray with us for an extra measure of WISDOM. James 1:5 says that we just need to ask. There are several situations going on right now that must be handled delicately and confidentially. We need to know how to manage this situations and still remain on good terms with other organizations; specifically governmental organizations.

** Please pray for Monica and Lourdes; two young girls who are experiencing some very painful trials at the moment. Trials that will certainly leave them wounded for a lifetime.

** Please continue to pray for the opening of the second home. There are still many things needed that we must purchase. Additionally, monthly expenses from January on will increase substantially. We are depending on God and His leading of His people to provide for the needs of the children.


** We want to give praise to the Lord for starting the process of opening another home. Two factors remain; personnel and finances. We were blessed this past week in the area of finances; God is so good. We believe this is God's way of starting the process. Please continue to pray that HE would provide the needed people, the RIGHT people to work with us. Also that He would continue to provide needed, ongoing support.

** There are several girls living with us that have experienced deep wounds. Please pray that God's love would overcome the impossibility of their healing. We know that the Lord is in charge of healing His children.

** Please pray for continuing protection from sickness and accidents. It seems that this past couple months have been wrought with health problems. We know that God will smooth this out.

** And thank you SO much for your prayers and support!


** This past weekend (September 7, 2004) as we were returning from the Jungle region of Bolivia, we came upon a serious traffic accident. I trust the Lord used us in some way to minister His love to the hurting. There were six people killed: 3 women, 1 man, a 14 year old girl and an 18 month old baby. Please pray for the following:

Aida is a 10 year old girl who lost her mom when the truck overturned. She experienced that tragedy and now must live life without her. She has 8 siblings and is the third youngest. Please pray that God would give her and her siblings comfort in this difficult time.

Please pray for 4 year old Nelly. Her mother and 18 month old little brother were killed. Please also lift up the father of this family; we do not know his name. He was extremely shook up over the accident.

Pray that God would have his hand in the lives of the people that were hurt by this. That His will would be worked out.

** We are considering opening the second house in January of 2004. If God wills it should be 'no problem'. He always provides the tools we need for the job. Please remember us in prayer as we ask God for direction in all this. Also that He would provide the needed personnel and financial support.

** Please remember us (Jonathan and Linda Baker, remember us...?) as we adjust to now having TWO children out of the house and 8,000 miles away. The adjustment is difficult having the family split. And, though we don't want to think of it, in just three years we may have FOUR children living on a different continent.

** Pray that the girls in the homes would experience Christ's love and grace. That somehow, in spite of our humanness we would be able to reflect His love to the children. Ask God to provide an extra measure of wisdom in dealing with the large cultural gap---Dark Vs. Light.