Here are a few for starters. Click on the small photo and it should open up BIG in a new window.

Carmen at her fourteenth birthday party. Typical to (our) Bolivian custom, she was treated to an egg and flour treatment.

And even after the treatment, she was still happy to receive a couple presents and hugs.

Betty, Helen and Elizabet are always read to help when called upon.

Nicol and her first birthday party (?). Actually she's about six, but this may have been a first. We have never seen a child quite so excited.

Linda and Jonathan at 14,500 feet. Not gasping for breath or anything! If you come for a visit we'll take you there and Jonathan will continue on to 16,700' (5,065 meters). What a perk for coming!

That's Linda and Deana doing their best to teach non-swimmers how to float. The girls may or may not be learning; but they sure are having fun!

One Sunday we all went on a trip up the mountain to the 'cristo'. Slightly taller (so it's said) than the statue in Brazil, it sits on a hill in Cochabamba. That's the whole crew plus a few extra.

Six of our ten school-age girls were chosen to participate in the Spring court festivities on the 21st of September, 2003. They were chosen for their grades, attitude, willingness to help, Etc. The top row is Jaquelin, Carmen and Helen. The bottom row is Miriam, Betty and Mabel. What an honor it is to lead such a group.

That's Mabel ready to dodge the ball in a spirited game of “pelota quemada”. What a great girl. And, may we add, first in her class at school.

Daniela flashes her award winning smile at the camera. OK, it hasn't won any awards yet; but any day now...

A quick line up for the camera. Those are 'our' girls. Emily and Rosa are in there; they're 'ours' also. Hermanas Adela and Grisel are on the left.

Mom's day out; 20th September, 2003. The moms had the opportunity to visit BYM's homes along with a couple guards, the prison director and a representative from the judge's office.

At about 15,000 feet we found this 'rock'. It appears to be a fossil formation but we're no experts. It was worth the hike!

Daniela and Rocio share some ice cream (made with the colors of the Bolivian flag) at the top of the hill where the cristo sits.

Can't tell if Erika is dancing for joy or trying to get that pant leg down.