Bolivian Youth Ministries Doctrinal Statement of Faith

We Believe:

This is the basis for our belief in Christ. Additionally, we would like to state that we firmly believe in the unity of believers (see that last one). You see, the world is looking at us to see how we react to each other and those outside the faith. Too many times the world sees fighting, bickering and bitterness; what a shame. We are salt and light folks...

We have been burdened by the inability of some to live in unity. When it comes to Hymns Vs. Choruses, Jeans Vs. Suits or a pastor's parking place; does it really matter? Are those issues worth splitting the Church?

We believe that those that hold this statement of faith true to their hearts should “get along or get along...” That is, we should show the world the love of God or move on to another place where we can. As the body of Christ we should be able to 'agree to disagree' in areas that are unimportant or gray; being careful to adhere to Biblical standards of living.

We will continue to be doctrinally conservative while allowing for individuality.